How It Works



Boost your reviews with your own unique link. Simply give out your link and when your customers share a good review it will be promoted on the internet for new customers to see how your business values their feedback.



Now you can see what your customers are writing about your business all in one place. With the ReviewBoost tracker system you can log-in and search for reviews and filter them to see only the best or critical reviews. Have reviews automatically emailed to you weekly by generating automated feedback reports.



 See easy to understand graphs that display your progress over time. Your personalized dashboard also has the convenience to have your company listing information across different websites that contain your business information like blogs, press release sites, YouTube, Twitter, and more.

Monitoring your business reputation online is now 1-2-3 easy! 

When you sign up with Review Boost you will have access to your own dashboard that tracks all of your online reviews and services with just one log-in. This proprietary technology would normally cost hundreds and up to thousands more, when priced out as separate services. ReviewBoost’s customers receive all the newest measuring tools and software included under the same price we have offered for seven years. Easily start using your personalized dashboard to get real-time reputation data. Business owners who have test driven our new platform have been quoted as saying the same thing over and over, “Now this is what I needed, thank you”. It has never been easier to measure your reputation and your business growth simultaneously because good reviews equal more business.